Optimisation of Fleet Transition: Municipality of Amsterdam


The City of Amsterdam has made it a priority to make its fleet emission-free by 2030, as part of its sustainability ambitions. A transition plan was drawn up in 2019 to achieve this objective. However, in order to meet changing sustainability objectives, market trends and operational requirements, it was decided to recalibrate this plan.

Project Description

The municipality of Amsterdam has jointly asked FIER Automotive and Cenex Nederland to carry out the recalibration and to formulate advice for the continuation of the transition. The aim was to make an integrated assessment of the municipal sustainability goals, market developments and the operational needs of the various organisational units. This required an in-depth analysis of the existing fleet, identifying bottlenecks and opportunities, and formulating recommendations for an optimized transition plan.


  • Recalibration of the fleet transition plan to meet the sustainability goals of the municipality of Amsterdam.
  • Identify opportunities for improved operational efficiency and cost control.
  • Formulating recommendations for an integrated transition plan that takes into account the possibilities regarding charging infrastructure, (future) market developments and technological trends.


  • An updated transition plan that provides integral insight into the opportunities and challenges of making the Municipality of Amsterdam’s fleet more sustainable.
  • A final report with detailed insights and advice, including official coordination with the stakeholders involved.
  • Recommendations for an optimized transition plan, with a focus on sustainability, operational efficiency and cost control.