SEEV4-City – Smart, clean Energy and Electric Vehicles for the City.

SEEV4-City is an innovative project funded by the EU Interreg North Sea Region Programme. Its main objective is to demonstrate smart electric mobility solutions, integrating renewable energy sources and encouraging take-up in cities.

Within SEEV4-City robust solutions to enable clean, green and smart city transitions are provided. By optimizing the use of EVs, renewable energy sources and smart Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in six different operational pilots, SEEV4-City demonstrates how electric vehicles can support the energy transition in cities. The systems experimented during this project reflect a variety of operational environments and levels of smart charging or V2G integration in different city situations:

All SEEV4-City Operational Pilots are aimed at combining electro-mobility and renewable energies. Beyond this scope, each project has its own particularities. Some of them are small and focused on households; others on districts. Some projects maximize the use of electric vehicles, meanwhile, others count with stationary batteries. In addition, some are applied to living areas, and other to business buildings.  The operational pilots take place in 6 different partner locations:

Amsterdam municipality – via Flexpower
Amsterdam – Johan Cruijf Arena
Oslo – Vulkan city development
Leicester’s City Council – Council site
Kortrijk – KU Leuven depot
Loughborough – a private homeowner

The objective is to encompass a variety of situations where electric vehicles and renewable energies interact, so it is possible to develop a more consistent set of good practices.

Cenex Nederland is supporting the management and evaluation of all operational pilots and will also evaluate the environmental and financial impacts as well as the system’s ability to increase the level of energy autonomy. The results will be measured against a baseline assessment completed prior to the establishment of the pilots.