Webinar on June 10: Energy meets Mobility: Synergies in Transportation Hubs & Smart Charging pilots

The rapid electrification of mobility has a big impact on transportation-hubs due to the growing need for charging infrastructure. Coordination between municipalities, grid operators, (public) transport providers and local companies etc. is fundamental to make these hubs efficient, both on an economic, environmental and social level. Such coordination can transform a transportation-hub into an energy-hub with various use-cases. Energy-hubs and smart charging technologies can provide solutions to address the challenges we are currently facing or will be facing soon. What can various real-life smart charging and V2X pilots teach us about their potential contribution, what practical insights are there regarding procurement and implementing such solutions and is there potential for wide-scale adoption?

On June 10th, a special webinar by the SEEV4-City partner Cenex Nederland  and Stevin will provide two sessions dedicated to these subjects.

Join us to learn more about

  • The role of energy-hubs in the energy transition and transportation-hubs.
  • Challenges, opportunities and possible roadmap towards successful energy-hubs
  • Current charging technology developments
  • Charging more EVs while alleviating grid (capacity) stress
  • Lessons from procuring, installing and operating equipment.
  • Potential and barriers of wider adoption of different solutions

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