Cenex has published a white paper about Project Sciurus, which investigates residential vehicle-to-grid chargers’ commercial viability.

Project Scirius is one of the largest Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) demonstrators globally, with combined experts in energy, transport, and infrastructure. They develop a real-world domestic solution for V2G.

Much has changed in the technology of V2G since it was first introduced. In 2015, units were clunky and expensive. However, technological improvements managed to reduce the units’ size significantly while decreasing the price over three times, in just five years!

These rapid technology improvements could prove to be significant for future sustainable mobility. V2G offers excellent benefits to society by applying EV batteries as an energy storage asset which can be used to back-up the electricity grid, optimizing green energy usage for the grid and your home. All the while you contribute to society, you can plug in your EV, sit back, and receive your financial reward.

More information about this innovative technology and research can be found in the white paper provided by the link below.