LEVIS project 6 months update

Already six months into the H2020 LEVIS (Advanced Light materials for sustainable Electrical Vehicles by Integration of eco-design and circular economy Strategies) project! Time for all the partners to meet up and discuss all the progress that has been made on the lightweight electric vehicle components. This consortium of 13 partners from all over Europe and Turkey, has worked the last half year on the development of lightweight structural parts for electrical vehicles while integrating circular economy principles in the design phase, to  support the transition to sustainable mobility.

Cenex NL contributed to the project by leading the implementation of eco-design strategies in the product design phase. Together with industrial partners, we trialled a toolkit called  iEDGE (integrated Eco-Design Guideline and Evaluation). Its purpose is to better support and guide the decision-making process in the early stages of a product’s design. The toolkit has been used by the EV component-manufacturers within the LEVIS project, in order for them to arrive at a design strategy which is in line with the company’s larger vision and objectives.

The next step for Cenex NL is the evaluation of the environmental and economic performance of the lightweight EV parts by the means of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC). We will take the lead and work together with the project partners to identify the impact the demonstrators have on the environment and costs over its whole life cycle.

Visit the LEVIS website to read more about the project: