Levis Blog

The first results of the H2020 LEVIS (https://greenvehicles-levis.eu/) project are published! Along with 13 partners across Europe, Cenex Nederland developed and trialled the iEDGE toolkit (integrated Eco-Design Guideline and Evaluation). The toolkit is used to implement Eco-Design into the early stages of the design process. Its purpose is to better support and guide the decision-making process in the early stages of a product’s design. Within the LEVIS project it was used by the EV component manufacturers who are designing and developing several new (lightweight) components. Unique about this toolkit is how it integrates the four design focus areas (or cornerstones) of the product: environmental, economic, technical, and social requirements, instead of treating environmental issues as a seperate part of the design process. To learn more about the toolkit and the steps involved, visit the LEVIS blog post. 

From the results and feedback we have received from the LEVIS manufacturers, we can conclude that the iEDGE toolkit has been proved to be a success! However, we won’t stop here! We want to use and develop the iEDGE toolkit in such a way that we can help manufacturers implement eco-design into their design process and help the world in producing environmental products. If you want to learn more details about the iEDGE toolkit, the steps involved and the individual results you can read LEVIS blog post here. https://greenvehicles-levis.eu/blog-eco-design/  

If you want to go to the full deliverable report directly, go here: https://tinyurl.com/vpucuh2p