We welcome Sanne van Breukelen as our newest Senior Project Manager

We are very glad to have started November by welcoming Sanne van Breukelen as the newest member of our team! Sanne will be working on the EU H2020 funded eBRT 2030 and the AeroSolfd R&D projects. She will bring her knowledge of and experience on implementing Zero Emission Buses and her network of energy transition front runners to these projects.

Sanne van Breukelen

Sanne is an experienced project manager, who has been working in the public sector for about 15 years. As a consultant at BMC, she worked on projects to enhance public space, create places for people to meet and find a new purpose to cultural heritage buildings. At the Vervoerregio Amsterdam she specialized in public transport as the ultimate way for people to meet, and in Zero Emission Buses in particular.

On behalf of the Vervoerregio, she also worked at Samenwerkingsverband DOVA, where she built and coordinated a network of Public Transport Authorities (PTAs) and related organisations. This culminated in the “Roadmap to 2030” of Zero Emission Buses for the Ministry of Infrastructuur en Waterstaat in October 2020. One of her latest projects at the Vervoerregio was the preparation of two bus depots North of Amsterdam to accommodate for 200 Zero Emission buses.

Sanne looks forward to working zero-emission mobility, energy for transport and circular economy at Cenex Nederland. “I believe the energy transition is the most important challenge of our time. As the mother of 3, to me always my most impressive legacy, right now making the world a better place is on top of my list! I am both excited and humbled to be working on such a challenging yet fun topic at Cenex Nederland!”

You can download the “Roadmap to 2030” on the right.