We welcome Shiva Noori as our newest team member

We are very glad to welcome Shiva Noori as our newest team member! Shiva will be working on the EU H2020-funded R&D projects SESA and AeroSolfd. She will synergize with the team with her knowledge of Circular Economy, Industrial ecology, and Energy transition and her project management experience in industry and research.

Shiva Noori

As a research project manager, she has successfully coordinated Horizon Europe’s R&D projects and evaluated the societal and environmental impacts of innovative circular strategies. Additionally, she has a proven track record in idea generation and grant writing for R&D in the circular economy, manufacturing industry, and hydrogen systems. Shiva also has a strong background in interdisciplinary engineering management, ensuring the compatibility and integrity of design processes alongside procurement and installation in industrial projects.

During her PhD, she studied waste recovery and exchange within industrial clusters. By utilizing qualitative, quantitative, and modelling methods, she developed a comprehensive framework that incorporates technical, economic, and institutional aspects for assessing the circular economy. A common thread in all these experiences is a helicopter view and a systemic approach to tackling complex problems.

Shiva looks forward to continuing her work in circular, zero-emission mobility and Energy infrastructure to implement circular economy as a strategy for narrowing, slowing, regenerating, and recycling flows.  “I believe circularity is an often overlooked but crucial concept that deserves greater attention. Considering the material need to reform our energy infrastructure, the transition to net zero-emission mobility is impossible without bringing circularity, in its broader sense, into the agenda”.

You can download Shiva’s thesis via the download button or browse through it on your right.