Global Sustainable Mobility Partnership

Cenex Nederland, Cenex (UK), Forth and uYilo, and are thrilled to announce the launch of the Global Sustainable Mobility Partnership (GSMP). GSMP is a network of independent, not-for-profit organizations with extensive, practical and real-world experience in implementing low and zero emission mobility.

What is the GSMP partnership

The mission of GSMP is to drive zero emission mobility solutions for all and the partnership will work with regions, countries and cities in a consulting capacity to share best practices and lessons learned on mobility decarbonization strategies and programs. Together GSMP brings expertise in sustainable strategies, policies, programs and large-scale demonstration projects from Africa, Europe and North America. The four founding mission-driven members are located in South Africa, United States, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, representing a range of geographic and cultural diversity with extensive regional knowledge.

The Global Sustainable Mobility Partnership is particularly enthusiastic to work with regions, countries and cities new to the zero emission mobility space in order to support their transition to clean transportation. Visit to learn more.

How to get involved

Do you represent a not-for-profit organization active in sustainable mobility and you are interested in joining this partnership?

Are looking for truly impartial and independent advice from a global team of experts to help you implement zero emission mobility solutions?

Please get in touch with us here, we’d love to hear from you!

The GSMP partners

Forth is a nonprofit organization advancing electric, shared and smart transportation through innovation, demonstration, advocacy, and engagement. For more information, visit

Forth is thrilled to join with other mission driving organizations to help countries around the world use clean, electric, smart mobility to strengthen their economies, clean their air, and promote more equitable transportation solutions. Every country deserves access to clean air and affordable transportation. – Jeff Allen, Executive Director, Forth

About Us - Low Carbon TransportuYilo e-Mobility Programme enables the electric mobility ecosystem through supporting activities, dedicated facilities and services. For more information, visit:

Sustainable mobility is key to all developing countries while also being relative of developed countries progressions. It is through the Global Sustainable Mobility Partnership that bridges like minded organisations each bringing a value add towards tackling the global climate crises agenda. The uYilo eMobility Programme shares the vision in this partnership towards bringing our experience to enable a resilient future for generations to come, as ‘uYilo’ itself means to create in Xhosa (South Africa). – Hiten Parmar, Director, uYilo e-Mobility Programme

Cenex focuses on low emission transport & associated energy infrastructure and operates as an independent, not-for-profit research technology organisation (RTO) and consultancy, specialising in project delivery, innovation support and market development. For more information, visit

Cenex is delighted to be a founding member of this new partnership. Working with other independent, not for profit organisations means we can collaborate best practice and provide expert advice and support that is right for the local community and the environment as we accelerate the transition to sustainable, low emission mobility. – Robert Evans, CEO, Cenex

Cenex Nederland (Cenex NL) is s an independent not-for-profit Consultancy and Research Technology Organization. We specialize in zero-emission vehicle and energy infrastructure, smart mobility, and related circular economy applications. For more information, visit

This partnership provides regions and cities in all corners of the world single-access to a great and diverse amount of expertise for their quest towards sustainable mobility. Joining the GSMP helps strengthen Cenex Nederland’s mission to make the world a better place to live and travel in. – Esther van Bergen, General Manager, Cenex Netherland