Welcome to Floris Teunissen, our new technical specialist for circular mobility

To start the new year fresh, we are glad to welcome a new employee to the Cenex Nederland team! Floris Teunissen has started at Cenex Nederland in January as our new assistant technical specialist. He will be working on the EU H2020 funded LEVIS R&D project where he applies his expertise to the integration of eco-design and circular economy principles for several electric vehicle components and perform the Life Cycle and Costing Assessments.

Floris Teunissen

Floris just finished a 2-year master Industrial Ecology with a focus on cost-benefit analysis and life cycle analysis. He dedicated his master thesis (scoring 8.5/10) to analysing the ‘influence of integrating life cycle assessments on the cost-benefits results of policies’. For his thesis, he used the Dutch climate agreement policies for stimulating electric vehicles as a case study.” You can read his thesis on the right or click the button to download it.

Before his master, he explored his broad set of interests by studying in the field of Humanistics and Psychology while doing his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. During his studies, he was involved in building an electric-powered racing car competing in the Formula Student international competition. After his bachelors, he worked for the fast-growing solar car manufacturer Lightyear as an HVAC engineer, where he analysed new energy-efficient technologies for the climate system of the solar vehicle. This work gave him the knowledge, experience, and passion to work in the sustainable mobility sector for Cenex NL.

“I am very excited about this opportunity by Cenex NL to show what I am capable of. I feel like I have received a very warm welcome by the team and cannot wait for all the exciting projects that are up ahead!” – Floris Teunissen

You can download Foris’ thesis via the download button or browse through it on your left, and it is also available at the TU Delft’s repository here.