Dynamic wireless charging project wins innovation award

Cenex’s DynaCoV (Dynamic Charging of Vehicles) project won the EIC’s Energy Innovation Showcase Award for ‘Best Collaborative Initiative’ at a ceremony in Liverpool last week.

Chris Cox, Chris Rimmer, Elaine Meskhi and Jorden van der Hoogt (over from Cenex NL) collected the award with Shamala Evans from Coventry City Council.

The Best Collaborative Initiative award celebrates collaboration within the energy sector to develop a breakthrough innovative solution that has the potential to be widely adopted.

DynaCoV is a research and development project that will deliver a feasibility study looking at dynamic wireless charging to enable electric vehicles to recharge as they drive.

Hal Cruttenden, presenting the ceremony, said that the collaboration and technology in this entry has the potential to accelerate the uptake of EVs, and is a good example of what is needed for some new LCT capabilities to be mobilised.

Elaine Meskhi, Technical Specialist – Energy Systems and Infrastructure at Cenex, said: “Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (DWPT) is a technology that has great potential to electrify the vehicles such as lorries and buses which are hard to decarbonise.

“This project has delivered a holistic analysis of the feasibility of deploying DWPT in the UK, collaborating with partners from across the supply chain.

“Although we found it would be complex to implement, there are promising situations where this technology might make sense and this report gives a good foundation on which to build further investigations or pilots.

The EIC awards is a real leading light in the electricity industry, so it means a lot that the hard work of the Cenex team and our wonderful partners has been recognised in this event, and a real bonus to win this award.”

There are 10 partners involved in the project, led by Coventry City Council and funded by Western Power Distribution through NIA, with Cenex, Cenex NL, Coventry University, National Express, Toyota Tsusho, Hubject, Transport for West Midlands and Midlands Connect.