The 2030 Initiative for Sustainable Consumption and Production – A collaborative partnership.

The initiative, known as Transform Together, is a multi-stakeholder partnership created to support the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The focus is on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12, Responsible Consumption and Production. Transform Together does this by identifying, sharing and advocating (new and existing) scaleable and replicable sustainable consumption and production (SCP) practices. The initiative has launched 10 inspiring case studies to date.

The initiative has a core Working Group that consists of expert representatives from governments, business, research organisations as well as civil society organisations. The strategy to achieve the vision has a strong focus on leveraging the power of volume buyers and procurers, and to exchange knowledge. Cenex Nederland is part of the 25 experts who are actively involved in the international core Working Group. Several National Governments, such as the Finnish government, the Dutch government and the German government actively support the initiative.

In 2019 the Working Group is developing a roadmap to achieve the 2030 vision and matching practical guidelines, further developing the inventory of solutions for sustainable ICT and engaging closely with volume ICT purchasers to develop a procurement approach to create market demand for sustainable ICT products.

Call to Action by the initiative:

  • To all organisations purchasing large volumes of ICT equipment (or ICT based services): Join the Big Buyers group to create a shared demand for circular products.
  • To all value chain product and service suppliers of ICT equipment (or services): Join the initiative’s market dialogue to make the products more circular.

Do you want to join the initiative? Just reach out and get in touch!