We welcome Rishabh Ghotge as our newest Technical Specialist

We are very glad to welcome Dr. Rishabh Ghotge as the newest member of our team, as a Zero Emissions Mobility Specialist. Rishabh will be working on the EU funded eBRT 2030 and the NextETRUCK projects. He brings to the team knowledge of electric mobility systems, vehicle charging with renewable electricity and experience of working with pilot e-mobility projects.

Rishabh Ghotge

A mechanical engineer specialising in solar energy applications, Rishabh has worked with various aspects of zero-emissions mobility and its coupling with renewable energy. At the Solar Energy Applications Centre in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, he worked on charging e-bikes with solar energy. At the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, where he conducted his doctoral research, he investigated how the colocation of solar photovoltaics and electric vehicle charging at solar carparks enables their integration in the capacity-constrained Dutch electricity grid.

At the TU Delft, Rishabh developed prototype charging systems with battery and hydrogen based electric vehicles. He designed a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) compatible solar carpark for smart charging of battery electric vehicles. He also helped to design a V2G charging system to enable a hydrogen fuel-cell-electric-vehicle to provide power on demand in a residential microgrid. He is an experienced researcher, collaborating with academic, industrial and governmental partners at the national and international level.

Rishabh looks forward to continuing his work with zero emissions mobility and its integration with renewable energy. “I think that the transport sector is a critical part of the puzzle in decarbonising our energy systems and society. It’s exciting to be implementing projects which enable tomorrow’s low carbon mobility systems by working at Cenex Nederland.”

You can follow Rishabh’s publications on Google scholar here: